Migrate Wordpress website to Middleman

Migrate Wordpress website to Middleman


Job Description

We have a website that is currently in WordPress that needs to be converted to Middleman. The candidate must possess skills in Wordpress, Middleman and Ruby. If you have skills in Jekyll, that will be fine as well.

A successful conversion will be measured by examining the differences between the current wordpress html output and the middleman output.

We had a previous developer that was working on the project prior to working full time in a new job. We can send through the work he's done so far

Skills required:
- Familiar with WordPress and Middleman
- Familiar with the following Programming languages: PHP, MySQL and Ruby

In your response please write:
1) at the top please write the command used to build a middleman website
2) indicate how long the conversion should take
3) outline what you need from us to facilitate the conversion.
4) if you need a higher budget, please also indicate what the budget should be