Xenforo / vBulletin Server Setup / Performance Tuning

Xenforo / vBulletin Server Setup / Performance Tuning


Job Description

Im looking for an *expert* to install and configure the following software via yum repos on CentOS so we can upgrade and maintain the software going forward. The server will be used to host vbulletin and xenforo on various vhosts configured in Nginx. Im also looking for the server to be SECURE at the end of this job.

- Nginx 1.4.2
- PHP 5.3.27 (php-fpm)
- MariaDB 5.5.32 MySQL performance fork
- APC PHP opcode cache 3.X (newest) w/ web interface
- Memcached Server 1.4.15 (w/ web interface) + Memcache 3.0.8 PHP Extension
- Suhosin PHP extension
- CSF Firewall
** Any other extensions you believe are needed for vbulletin and xenforo to operate correctly.

The entire process you use to install and tune this server must be DOCUMENTED and turned over at the completion of the job, including detailed info on where the nginx, php, mariadb, apc, memcached, etc config files are at.

The server must also be ** SECURE ** at the completion of this job, along with details on what you did to secure it.

Server OS and hardware profile :

CentOS 6.4 64bit
24g DDR3 memory
2 x Nehalem Westmere X5675 Hexcore CPUs @ 3.06GHz - 24 cores with HT enabled
4x64g SSD Drive Raid5 array

This server is crazy fast!

**** PLEASE NOTE :: ****
Part of this job is *PERFORMANCE TUNING* after you install nginx, php, mariadb, etc. Specific goals of the performance tuning are as follows :
- Static content through Nginx - 90,000 req/sec as measured via Apachebench. The normal maintenance.html file included with Nginx will be used for this benchmark.
- PHP content through Nginx - 7500+ req/sec as measured via Apachebench. The normal phpinfo file will be used to complete this benchmark.
- Index file of a vanilla Xenforo install - 750+ req/sec.

*** No caching capabilities other than APC and memcache can be used to achieve the above benchmarks. I do not want varnish or other things installed. They likely arent needed.

Ive personally tested this hardware and with my minimal configs have seen it do 82k req/sec for static content and nearly 5k req/sec for phpinfo file. I have no doubt YOU ARE WAY MORE SKILLED THAN I AM AT TUNING A SERVER AND CAN GET THE STATS MUCH HIGHER!