3D printed figurine

3D printed figurine


Job Description

We have realized in 9 months one of the advanced humanoid robot: ROBOY:
Roboy will be presented to the public in March 9, 2013 at
the Robots on Tour fair in Zurich for the first time
See more her: www.roboy.org and www.robotsontour.com

The project is financed by crowdfunding. For the supporters, and for people visiting Roboy live at the Robots on Tour fair, we like to give them a small give-away: a small Roboy figurine, ca. 130mm tall.

The original Roboy is about 1.30 m tall and can move his joints and have a lot of more technolgoies inside. The figurine should only be a figure that not have flexible joints etc., but should look quit similar to the original one, so that somebody can put it as a reminder on one desk or where one like to have it.

We are actually looking for a producer that can 3D printing for us this figures.

Is it possible to reduce the size and to print a figure out of that data?
With what kind of technology do you suggest to do that?
How much would it cost to print (50, 100, 1000 pieces)

Thank you very much for your fast answer.
If you think it might be possible, we will send you the newst 3D datas

That job includes:
- Usable contact to a provider
- Price estimation
- CAD-Redesign, if needed fo a good print result
- Deliver 1 prototype to Switzerland, before we order all.
- Deliver prototyp till february 25th

Thank you.

Adrian Burri
Project Manager Roboy

Skills: producer