Windows SFTP Server

Windows SFTP Server


Job Description

Initial Description
Now that we have this application running, I need you to create a user interface for it. It will be fairly minimal but we do need it ASAP. The Applet needs to have the ability to dock to the system tray. It needs to do it by default. It needs a configuration window that is launched from that tray icon. The configuration window needs to have a start and stop button for the service. That will essentially keep the application up and running but shutdown the SSHD server process/thread/object. It needs the username and password fields so the user can enter what account they want to access the SSHD server. This will be tied into the authentication factory functions. It needs a simple status showing whether the SSHD server is currently running or not. We may add more to this but that is what it needs at a minimum now. Please use the standard Java interface libraries for this. I do not think we need to add any extra toolkits for this minimal of an interface. It will also need a button to create or remove automatic startup links for the applet. I will provide more information on how needs to be implemented soon.

Status 2013-04-03 3 Apr
The build environment for the Java applet and web installer is in place. It is setup to install the “fat” jar file of the applet on the users computer under their AppData directory and into their startup folder so it starts when they login. The core library functionality of the Applet works well. It behaves as a SSH/SFTP server pretty well. The user interface elements are still missing. We only have snippets of code for each and it is incomplete at best.

The items that need to be done are in the list below along with the current code files. I am including both the snippets and pre-merge applet code as well as my initial merge of the code snippets. The 7zip archive of the code also includes the build system and related pieces. It uses SCons for the build system, JarSplicer for created the “fat” Jar file and izpack to create a java webstart applet installer.

Functionality Still Needed

System tray functionality (including icon) needs to be added to the applet.

1 A dialog window need to be added to the applet with USERNAME and PASSWORD fields as well as a START/STOP service button. The username:password string will be stored as a single SHA512 hash string in the registry on Windows and to a local file store in the user’s home directory on other platforms.

2 The UserAuth class of the Apache SSH library needs to be subclassed to support reading the SHA512 username:password hash from the user registry/local file store.

For completion of this project, please have this up and running on a development webserver I can access to test its functionality as described.

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Skills: apache