PHP and mobile web app in jQuery mobile framework

PHP and mobile web app in jQuery mobile framework


Job Description

PHP / jquery developer needed to create a mobile web app in jquery mobile framework and PHP server side , the app will be 5 screens- login screen,main screen, 2 dashboard report screen and one user interface screen to add parmeter (and then run the dashboard)
the main app goals are :

1.The mobile web app will display a business dashboards (table or chart or digital Digits) reports from an SQL query , based on user mssql DB
2. the db connection string will be change by user
3. The table / chart will be refreshed automatically
4. Security will be by user name and password and will be saved in the mobile browser cookie for 2 days,
5.user cannot login from 2 devices response time
7.manage user permissions by page_id and warhouse id
8.full support in 2 language (english and hebrew) , hebrew language by using "utf-8" encoding , an xml config file to translate english to hebrew
9.clear code for easily add new table and chart reports
10.get parameter from the user and than run the sql query
11, the sql query will be insert by us in the source code
12. full support for iphone 4 and galaxy 3 mobil phone

Skills: microsoft-sql-server, english