Create Google Chrome Extension with Website Crawling Capabilities (and database)

Create Google Chrome Extension with Website Crawling Capabilities (and database)


Job Description

Dear oDeskers,

First and foremost I'm looking for a developer I can trust with top communication skills. I want someone who will lead the technical development of a Google Chrome Extension, be creative in their thought process and strive for the best possible product.

---- ABOUT ----

The Google Chrome extension will provide users with the contact information of website authors/owners by crawling the website and returning any email addresses (and names) found.

---- MORE DETAIL ----

Email addresses and names found will be stored in a database. When another request is made for the same domain, stored information is instantly provided.

Crawling takes time. Therefore I need you to be creative in how you will solve this. Multiple cloud servers? 100s of simultaneous connections? Ignoring unlikely information? Trying obvious places to look first: contact page? Is it possible to turn each user into a crawler? The target is 3 minutes per website (of 1000 pages).

When installed, the extension will record and store the user's contact information.

Scalability: Most importantly, the Google Chrome application must be scalable to a million users.

---- WHOIS ----

This is not a WHOIS lookup job. Often WHOIS lacks the information and does not accurately reflect the author/editor/manager of the website, or the proper contact information. If you can add this as well through their API, then great.

---- COST ----

If you think you can do it but $300 is crazy - tell me. If you can successfully introduce me to a developer who does accept the job, I will give you a finder's fee.


Please reply with a detailed proposal:

- Explain what you will do and how
- List requirements you will need from me (in technical detail please)
- Research and detail running costs based on 1 million users

---- THANK YOU ----

Thank you for reading this job!!!