write article about May the 4th/comic book day and retirement homes

write article about May the 4th/comic book day and retirement homes


Job Description

Both May the 4th and Free Comic book day are big events in the Cos-play/graphic novel and comic book lover world- this year they coincide.
here are some links for background information:


WE at Hale & Fun have a course "The history of Graphic novels" and want to promote this as a possible program to implement in retirement homes as something the residents can do with the grandchildren or family/friends

"If you ever wondered why so many people every year dress up in spandex for comic conventions, then this course is for you! Picture based communication is one of the most ancient forms of communication in human history and in recent years has grown from being the sole domain of fan boys and girls to main stream popular culture. This course explores the history of graphic novels and it diverse modern incarnations. It will teach an appreciation for this medium as an art form as well as discuss the recent transition to motion picture and the character archetypes who inhabit these worlds. It will introduce you to some of the key individuals and prominent events that have occurred, are ongoing and have shaped this popular culture icon into what it is today. We will even look at some of the individuals who don a cape and mask and go out to battle evil doers in real life. After this course you will not only know who would win in a battle between the Hulk and Wolverine but have the facts to back it up!"

So what the article needs to do is:
1. explain what the FCB day is all about
2. Explain how it is a great opportunity to bring the elderly and young together
3. Promote the course as a great way to jump on this.

Skills: writing, marketing

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