Codeigniter Site Credit System with Escrow

Codeigniter Site Credit System with Escrow


Job Description

We need to develop in Codeigniter with HMVC a site credit system with escrow functionality similar to the one of elance.

This job is only about the site credit module and not the other related modules like the shopping cart, etc.

The site credit module should have the following functions:

1. store incoming and outgoing payments in the DB
2. store escrow information in the DB
3. provide an overview of all financial transactions to the administrator
4. provide an overview of the financial transactions of the user to the user
5. manage pay out for the user
6. provide an overview of revenue per sub user for the agency function in the user account

The website front end is in W3C 1.01 strict which cant be compromised.

We are looking for people with strong OOP knowledge in HMVC in codeigniter and experience with Tortoise SVN/

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