Wordpress pluggin UI for Tender Loving Calls

Wordpress pluggin UI for Tender Loving Calls


Job Description

TLC is a subscription telephone messaging system, enabling children, relatives and friends to better care for their aging loved ones by providing constant contact, reassurance and help to otherwise isolated senior citizens (and others) living at home. See http://tenderlovingcalls.com

TLC uses a multi-facing VOIP platform that provides services for two types of customers: 1) aging seniors wanting to stay in their own homes (the Clients) and 2) their children, close family and friends who need to provide care from a distance (the Subscribers). Subscribers are those most likely to buy the service for their aging loved ones (the Clients). Subscribers are comfortable with the Internet, web-based services and mobile technology. The web site is currently built with Wordpress multi-user and a buddypress social network, designed for family caregivers.

We need a plugin that provides an ajax style user interface for the telephone system. Deadline is the first week of August 2013.

We have a simple HTML interface at the moment that communicates to the VOIP telephone server via its own API. It allows a user to create an account as one of three user types: Subscribers, Responders and Planners.

There are two types of Subscriber: family caregivers and professional caregivers. Professional caregivers have more user options to allow the creation and management of large numbers of Clients, Responders and Planners.

A visitor to the site must be able to register an account for either the buddypress family caregivers social network or the TLC telephone service. However, if a visitor registers for the telephone service, they must automatically be given registration for buddypress as well.

The collection of subscription payments is made by the telephone server via Amazon Payment systems.

The UI designer will need to interface with our telephone development team for details on the API and pearl