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Social Media Tool


Job Description

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The idea is to design and develop a social media Dashboard that helps you to get a quick overview, understand, and draw valuable insights from the views/opinions expressed by hundreds of millions of users on different social media platforms - like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, News Sites, Blogs, etc. We want to give our clients the opportunity to track views/opinions expressed by social media users from across the world on people, places, products, movies, events, brands and many more.

I want to be able to offer the following:
-- Analyze conversation data.
-- Identify advocates of, and threats to, corporate reputation and brand.
-- Quantify interaction among traditional media/campaigns and social media activity.
-- Establish a platform for social CRM strategy.

A more detailed overview of the project:

The frontend:
- Customers must be able to login/log out from their own area
- Customers must be able to see detailed analysis reports from their social media precense both graphically and numerically.
- A monthly/weekly/daily comparison must be avalible.
- Allow us to have a spot for information and news.

The backend:
- To be able to register new users
- Handle permissons granted to use the program based on their purchased plan. (Basic, Adv, Premium)

Attached is the design I was thinking of going for.

Skills: design, facebook, twitter, linkedin, analysis

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