Send e-mail to app review sites / fill out forms.

Send e-mail to app review sites / fill out forms.


Job Description

Hey Everyone.
I have an iphone app i need to market.

Therefore, I have a short e-mail that needs to be sent out to aprox 200 app review sites. Some of the review sites needs on-page e-mail forms to be filled out.

I will suply with the e-mail, the list of app review sites, and additional info.
You will begin going through list, and every email you will bcc to my email adress.

if there is an e-mail form on page you need to fill out, you must fill out and take a screenshot of it.. create new mail including the screenshot and send to my e-mail.

you will organize all sent e-mails+ bcc/screenshots into a sub folder in the mail (outlook/hotmail).

I will take care of all e-mail replys etc. this is not a part of the job.

I will hire approiate candidate saturday. Work starts sunday morning, so all e-mails etc. must be sent sunday. You will prepare for this.

Skills: on-page

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