Trivia Game - Using TITANIUM sdk

Trivia Game - Using TITANIUM sdk


Job Description

As our former developer abandoned the project because of family matters we seek developers to help us finish a trivia based quiz gamegame.

Currently 80% of the core programming is done using TItanium SDK. We have most of the features ready and working. Need debugging and some extra features we may add like saving the scores locally and presenting them in a nice graph, and add device pairing so its playable via wifi-bluetooth.

We seek individual people, or teams that are willing to participate in finishing this application(Game). Its a trivia game, heavily based on knowledge of the users. We have most of the content (questions and answers ready stored in json format)

Individuals and/or teams must be willing to sign a NDA contract and an NCA as the source is ready, and a co-operation contract.

We have a working Android and Ios version.

Only serious offers . Please provide a strong portfolio and have a good feedback score. We are attaching some photos of the GUI.

Skills: debugging, json, android-development