system manager virtualisation

system manager virtualisation


Job Description

Are working on a new platform/site and looking for a person that have a solution on this scenario:
Our business host a virtual machine that the customer could login to from any device. i.e android tablet. and into his "windows 7" client that we host. Could also be a "image" or a migrated system that the customer had on his own computer. Here he will have all his programs and systems.
His accountant could also log in and work on the software etc.
it is alot more details. Old computers that could have some important files could also have a afterlife in this enviroment....
The virtual machine could also have services running when not logged in.

then its all the issues..... virtualisation vs remote desktop opplications. safe login.etc

*must have a solution to run from 3g or edge.

I am looking for new cost effective ideas and people that can complete until in operation.

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