Integrate user auth software into iOS app

Integrate user auth software into iOS app


Job Description

Restoration Publishing, Inc. is a digital media company that is preparing to launch a new HTML5-based tablet magazine. We built the magazine using the Baker Framework and Laker Compendium and would like to add one more function to it.

We're going to be selling subscriptions to the magazine via Newsstand and via our website. So we'd like to add a function that allows the app to validate whether someone is a subscriber and then give them access.

We have a license to an off-the-shelf software program -- called aMember -- that registers subscribers in a database and controls their access to content. aMember is written in PHP and uses a mySQL database. We want to hire a developer to integrate the aMember API with the Baker API.

Both APIs are well documented.

Here is a link to the aMember API.

Here is a link to the Baker API.

The Process Flow
In the upper left corner of the app, we want users to encounter a login button that takes them to a login window that collects their login information and passes it to aMember, which then gives subscribers access to the full magazine archives.

Skills Required
iOS development experience is required and we prefer a developer who has also done custom development on Baker apps.

How to Apply
Please send links to iOS apps -- especially Baker apps -- that you've developed.

After reviewing the applications, we'll select a few developers for Skype calls and then assign the job.

We look forward to hearing from you. And thanks for your interest.