iPhone App Developer

iPhone App Developer


Job Description

Looking for iPhone/iPad apps developer to work on different project time to time. Must have proficiency on XCode, Objective-C and have good experience on MVC design pattern, latest iOS API knowledge. If you think you are good fit for the position then answer the following questions and apply.

1. What was the last thing you built in iOS platform, is it universal or only for iPhone or iPad?
2. How do you feel about working alone vs. working on a team?
3. Do you have experience to use any version controlling system (Git or Subversion)?
4. Do you write comment in code? Do you follow code indentation?
5. Can you send us a simple functional code written by you?
6. Do you have any specific app developed by you that you are felt proud?


Skills: iphone-development, iphone-sdk, ipad, mvc, design