Sales VA needed for Real Estate Company

Sales VA needed for Real Estate Company


Job Description

Welcome! Read the entire description before you hit apply...

If you rock at negotiation AND like the idea of learning Real Estate or better yet, already have done it, this one is for you. This position requires a passion for talking to people on the phone. If you don't love to talk, please don't apply. This is not an internet skills based position. It is a people person based position. This is for serious applicants only who will be working with a serious team that gets things done!

What will you be doing?
Talking and negotiating
Learning about Real Estate
Talking and negotiating
Learning about Real Estate

This is a results oriented position. It has one key project. Talking to people and negotiating on the phone. E-mail some but mainly the phone. Yes there are other things however this is the main one. You will talk to LOTS of people. You have to love to talk. Also, it has timelines. It requires speed. It requires excellent spoken English with solid grammar. It requires a very solid internet (if your internet is not at least a solid 2 Mbps minimum, do not apply; you can use to check). It requires skype with video. It requires lots of energy fueled by a passion to grow and learn!

You will be active and looked to create results quickly!

If you ARE a rockstar, you'll LOVE this position. You will be part of a dynamic team that is making things happen. Self discipline is huge. You have to not only make thing happen but WANT to make them happen. Not a position for the super shy person. Only Rockstars need apply. It is much more than just being a VA in this position. It is really a lot of fun as long as you love to talk to people and negotiate at the same time on the phone.

Note: This could become a full time position.

If after all this, you are still interested, then maybe indeed you are the rockstar we are looking for!

1)send over resume
2)tell me about yourself in three full sentences (no more, no less)
3)tell me your favorite song and movie and why they are your favorites AND
4)tell me in one sentence why we should hire YOU without using boring cliche, everyone has heard them buzzwords like 'dedicated and hard worker'. Give some thought to your answer.

Rock on! Look forward to your application.

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