ASP.NET Programmer

ASP.NET Programmer


Job Description

I need your resume with application. otherwise your application will be rejected. I can pay upto USD 25 Per hour

Position Overview:

Intermediate level .NET programmer will be responsible for object oriented programming within a structured development environment. Growth and learning on the job will be expected while implementing object oriented solutions in development of advanced marketing and ecommerce websites.

•Love programming and enjoy being key contributor to a fast paced, dynamic team
•Develop and maintain code base for sites that are viewed through a wide range of devices
•Work with technical team to develop applications based on cutting edge technologies (ASP.NET, VB.NET, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, JQuery, etc..)
•Integrate an object oriented code base with html templates and web services
•Build class libraries for data, business logic and presentation layers of sites
•Build and interact with SQL server databases
•Integrate AJAX solutions where applicable into presentation layer of websites
•Work with all departments within company to assist in planning and development of sites
•Test and debug applications throughout the development process. We strive to make our QA's job as easy as possible by providing them with well tested code from the get-go
•Research new technologies that may be beneficial to team's growth

•4+ years experience (or comparable education) using with the .NET framework class library, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and Web services
•4+ years experience (or comparable education) building and managing databases with MSSQL Server 2005/2008
•Strong understanding of OOP fundamentals and a solid understanding of n-layer design
•Strong understanding of fundamental concepts within web development
•Experience building unit-tested production code utilizing either NUnit or MSTest
•Ability to communicate with a wide variety of people, from programmers to non-technical staff to customers who may not be as technologically proficient

•Intermediate experience with Javascript. JQuery experience
•Experience using source control software (Subversion/Mercurial specifically)
•Experience configuring and managing IIS applications
•Experience using Team City as a continuous integration solution

Skills: .net, marketing, qa, design