WHMCS Call Logs Module

WHMCS Call Logs Module


Job Description

We are in need a full module development.

This module will add call logging functionality to whmcs.

The core of the module will add a form the client summary page where you can add a call.

the fields for a call would be:

1. client (hidden field as it will be on the client summary page)
2. date time (stored as unix timestamp) of the call (use a datepicker for the input)
3. call duration (in minutes) (text)
4. type (incoming/outgoing) (dropdown)
5. admin who took/made the call (dropdown of admins, value the admin id)
6. notes about the call (text area)

so the db structure would be like this:

id = int auto increment
client = int not null
date = text not null
duration = text not null
type = text not null
admin = int not null
notes = text not null

under the form to add a new log entry will be a table displaying the latest 5/10 call logs for that client, plus a link to the module page where you can display all call logs for that client. e.g. /addonmodules.php?m=whmcs_call_logs&clientid=**

where ** is the client id

the table for both the client summary, and the full log history will need links to either edit, or delete the log (delete will require a javascript confirm before deleting). and a checkbox option to bulk delete logs (again with a javascript confirm)

the module folder/file should be called "whmcs_call_logs". and the db name for the logs should be "mod_whmcs_call_logs".

the summary page content should use the client summary page hook as per the whmcs docs, and the module page should be created as per the module docs.

the styling of the forms/tables should be as per the whmcs admin area and use the classes whmcs use for there content.

we have other modules already developed which display tabular data in the admin and this module should follow that same appearance (ie same icons for edit/delete, same classed used, etc).

the work can be completed on our dev server with which access will be provided.

the module should have a config option to delete the table and data when deactivated (again we have other modules that do this, and access can be provided to the code to make this the same).

obviously the code should be secure, and user friendly.

the actual db insert should be made as a function, so later on we could add other features and use this function to insert calls, ie:

whmcs_call_logs_insert(array(1, 'date', '25', etc));