php programmer to build joomla order cpmplex forms

php programmer to build joomla order cpmplex forms


Job Description

Job 1.
I have a joomla site at (Joomla 2.5)
It needs to be moved another space with Joomla 3.1.
Both of mySQL server versions are 5.0
I'd like you to show me how to do it. I get an error when I try to import mySQL data to the new server.
Also,"" will jump to "http//", which I don't want. I think this can be corrected by editing .htaccess file.

I need a php programmer to add an order form to this site.

The order form's feature is...

+ It will be a joomla component or module.
+ Wholesale only. Not to the end users. We provide the authorized distributes with log in info. They cannot create a user account on their own.

+ Price varies depending on the distributer. We need an ability to create price levels and a way to assign the price lever to each distributer.

+ Payment won't be processed on line. Just accept the orders by e-mail

I made an html file to show what i think should look like. The order forms don't need to look exactly like this file.

On top of making the order form, I may ask you some technical joomla questions. But I won't ask you to build pages with joomla outside of the order processing pages.


You will be my teacher. I will be asking you joomla and mySQL questions. I want you to share your knowledge so I can learn from you. Job2 is too complicated for me, and I just want you to do it. But I don't expect you to build anything else. You can point me to a right direction, and I want to get them done. If something is too complicated for me, and you have to do the job, then I will pay you extra for that work.


My estimate for work hours for this project is 28 hours.

If you're interested in the job, pls ask me questions. By asking me the right questions, I can tell if you have the skill set for this project.

Must have good english.