Inventory administration system (POS system)

Inventory administration system (POS system)


Job Description

Hi Freelancers!

I need an Inventory administration system (or Point of Sale system) for a pub.

This software should handle guests, guest types (for haunters lower prices), guests ordering, guests debit, haunters account.
It should handle different suppliers by products, data and comments.

If guests consume 1 liter of beer employee writes it in the system, stocks are lowered by 1 liter. Bill should be printed.
At the end of the day employee write how much product were consumed altogether and when supplier comes in, employee write add barrels.
It should be compared, consumed by single guests and the total amount of consumed at the end of the day. (send e-mail to the CEO)

It should be accessible online.

40 types of beer, 20 type of spirit, 5 types of dishes, so it need just a tiny database.
It should handle products that are on sale, and are not on sale at a time.
It should handle barrels, bottles separately, because of the expiration date.

metrics for incoming:
beer barrel (30, 50 liter)
spirits (0,7 liter, 1 liter)
food: piece

metrics for selling:
beer glass(0,3 liter), jar (0,5 liter)
spirits: 0,2 cl, 0,4 cl, 1dl
food: piece

E-mail notifications if stock is low, fail in the stock accounting at the end of the day, about expiration dates.
Graphical demonstration of the stocks, by images.
Graphical display of the consuming statistics for a day, week, month.
for each products, by chooseable categories, comparisons of products and free queries.

Good bidding!