PHP5, Salesforce Expert wanted immediately

PHP5, Salesforce Expert wanted immediately


Job Description

Please Please read the above requirement carefully only then apply no general response will be replied to .

We are wanting to build a cloud based multitenant , multiuser , CRM i want specifically an expert in PHP 5 and MYSQL , Ajax and also good handle on frameworks of Zend and Codeigniter you must have a clear understanding of MVC architecture and ORM and also we are using a cloud appfog platform as a service and good understanding of Agile Methodology . Sprint user stories and backlog to build the mulitenant CRM on Github

We are looking to build a USER MANAGEMENT MODULE for the CRM

You must have demonstrated in the past on how to build a multitenant and multiuser applications in the past have clear concepts as stated below on how to build application with the following user management module
1) Multitenant on how multiple clients will be hosted on one single database
2) Multiuser how different users can be added for a client
3) Roles are one of the ways you can control access to records. They also impact reports (e.g. "My Teams" filter). Roles come into play if your security model (OWDs) are set to private. A little more on Roles and how they impact security:

to understand more on roles

4) How to build Profiles in the Crm system
to learn the usage of profile please visit the below link

More on Roles and Profiles
Profile: profile is nothing but What type of Permission will give to users,
we have many types of permissions
general permission ,tab leval permission,object leval permission,read&write permission,record type permission
Role:role is nothing but hierarchy in the org. while creating the user profile is mandotary but profil is not mandotary

5) Permission sets and Profies are very similar. They both contain similar permissions that can be assigned to a user so that they can do things like run reports or CRUD accounts or read and edit fields.

Where Profiles and Permission Sets tell you whether a user can create an account, it doesn't tell you which account they can read or edit. That's where row level access like roles and public groups come in - if a user's profile says they can read, create, edit accounts then their role and public groups tell you which accounts they can read and edit.

In this way, Roles/Public Groups and Profiles/Permission Sets work together to determine a user's access to functionality and to records. If you have one but not the other, you won't have access to a record - so if you have Read on Accounts on a Profile/Permission Set but not through Sharing with Roles/Public Groups/Ownership then you don't have access and vice versa.

There are some times when one may override the other. For instance, you can have the Profile/Permission Set permission, Modify All Data or View All Data, in which case, we'll ignore sharing and assume you have access to the record - but there are only a few exceptions to the rule that Profiles/Permission sets work hand-in-hand with Sharing Roles and Public Groups.

My colleague who is the Product Manager for Sharing, Bud Vieira, and I did a presentation last Dreamforce that you can access online to help understand how these concepts work together to provide scalable access to data and functionality: This is a good video for learning how these two ideas work together.
6) Record types allow you to offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users based on their profiles. Record types can be used in various ways, for example:
Create record types for opportunities to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements and offer different picklist values for each.
Create record types for cases to display different page layouts for your customer support cases versus your billing cases.
7) Why Page Layout Ability to edit the page layout of the user record similar to other objects like Accounts and Contacts.

To get a good understanding Why Page Layouts Record Types and Profiles please watch the below video

8) Custom objects relate to other objects and behave just like standard objects, as described in Relationships Among Objects.
See why and how custom objects are used

So if you know how to build the above USer Management module above features which is similar to we would like to here

Please dont apply saying i am PhP 5 expert u need to show a prover track record on that u have build the above module on the cloud platfform and Knowldge of APPFOG and Twilio is a major plus from u

Please Please read the above requirement carefully only then apply no general response will be replied to .

Skills: management, billing, apex,, video, mvc, agile

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