Php + postgreSQL scripts

Php + postgreSQL scripts


Job Description

Good commented scripts, all variables (paths, conditions, email addresse etc) declared
- Check logger alarms:
SQL logger_data.logger_alarm
If logger_alarm is 1 then email, subject: logger? Tamper alarm

- Check logger missed messages (data packets)
Normally every logger sending messages by 4,5min interval
SQL logger_data.mess_id for every logger_data.logger_id
Normally every new message from logger have mess_id number increased by 1 till 255, then starting with 0
If last message from logger is older than 1,5h then email, subject: logger-ID3 message older than 1,5h
calculate all logger_id missed messages and enter to zabbix 1 time per day
In zabbix.items logger1 missed packets is itemid 11 etc

- Check logger temp and batttery
SQL logger_data.logger_temp and logger_data.logger_bat
If temp is lover than 15 then email, subject: logger? Low temp
If temp is higher than 35 then email, subject: logger? High temp
If bat is lover than 2200 then email, subject: logger? Low bat
If bat is higher than 3200 then email, subject: logger? High bat