android tablet Security Policy

android tablet Security Policy


Job Description

I am looking for a ready made application or even combination of applications which can cover the following scope.

If not a customized service/program can be designed/developed by the freelancer.

Please find herewith scope for Security Policy for Android Tablet and Mobile Devices

1. Virtual implementation of admin user through a start up service which will be up and running at the start of device and will be controlled by only admin user and password.Admin user should be able to block/unblock USB/SD card and Bluetooth,FTP and disable/enable wi-fi.
Preferred way is to do it through OS events and programming a service which is controlled by administrator and service uses OS APIs.We do not want to use SD card.

2.1 Another way can be as pointed out by you is to restrict folder access in Linux (Preferred over 3.2)
2.2 Another way can be to apply security layer over .apk file so that it can not be reverse engineered.(Good to have along with 2)

3. If not a crude way can be to take wi-fi range of LAN as trigger and a customized service should periodically check for wi-fi connectivity or there should be some handler which will signal the service that wi-fi range (distance in meters, a configurable parameter) is crossed.The moment wi-fi range is crossed Task bar should be blocked so that USB mass storage will not be turned on in any case.
But would not like to rely on this approach.
Please see the application wi-fi toggler and airdroid and its source code.Modification required here is that wi-fi should be disabled so that device can not get connected to any other wi-fi network including public hot spots the moment wi-fi range is crossed.It should be possible to configure the area/radius in meters which will indicate configuration parameter range in meters or max cut-off distance from wi-fi router or you may monitor wi-fi signal strength as a last alternative.

Tablet should communicate with only trusted PCs in Local Area Network over USB i.e. ip addresses of PCs in LAN need to be taken on to consideration

Pl refer following urls

4. Developer or normal user should have no control over security service and he should be able to work in a painless way in trusted service should have bare minimum/negligible interference for Developer as long as Tab is in trusted environment and is communicating with Trusted PC in network.

6. Service programmed should be easily deploy-able on 4.0.4 ICS or 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS (Tablet and Mobile)

7. Can you confirm about multi user support from 4.3. Jelly Bean?

Kindly send me your estimate for efforts in Excel along with complexity marked so that we can prioritize the issues listed in policy and identify must and good to have items.

Abhay R. Dani
Managing Director
Technovate Consultancy Services