Help with simple task Weekend work only.

Help with simple task Weekend work only.


Job Description

Hi i need someone to help me level up my MMORPG character.

they will have to play in the hours on 11pm-8am UK time. So please work out your time zone.

The game can be downloaded here

Please download and install client.

Create an account on the same website. The instruction are on the forum here

Please play the game for a few hours to get used to the controls

For help please visit

I need to hire someone to play 12pm to 8am Uk time on Saturday and Sundays. So 16 hours a week contract.

I will give very simple instructions once it can be played. It is just a the time you will need to put in.

I will only account applications who have downloaded and played the game and sent me screen shots.

Please try and level your character up to level 10 so you understand the game.

Please note I will only pay $0.56 an hour for this job.

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