Build a CrunchBase Site for a New Industry

Build a CrunchBase Site for a New Industry


Job Description

---Update May15--- Thanks for the applications so far! Based on feedback, we are going to document more specifics to get a better estimate from you on the project.

Overview: Build a website that hosts information about companies and can be edited by the community. As a reference for the type of site we want to build, look at CrunchBase, which is a Ruby on Rails "database" of people, companies, funding, and products in the startup space.

Key skills: full stack web development - Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, etc + Deployment on Amazon EC2. Also open to Wordpress solutions.

Working together: I will provide product guidelines and would like to see iterative releases. The specs may change during the project to result in the best product.

Please provide reference work samples and a description of how you like to provide updates (checking in code, deployment, etc).

Also, please provide an estimate (non-binding) of how long it would take you to replicate the functionality of