Essay Writers Wanted Ongoing Work and Personal Business

Essay Writers Wanted Ongoing Work and Personal Business


Job Description

Essay Writers Wanted Ongoing Work and Personal Business

. From the business of NewCodeLogic I have become really very busy recently and am looking for professional Essay writers for partnership.
Before you are accepted as a full time writer for me you have to undergo an online timed test and if you pass the tests, you will have access to unlimited essay writing jobs. I have a lot of work on hand and have not been able to start this particular one for two months now.
You must be able to write impeccable English contents that are unique and not plagiarized plus have knowledge of various referencing styles-Harvard, APA , MLA etc to be accepted.

Great Rates Varied and Skills

You must also be able to meet deadlines. Only good and professional writers please! When you apply, your interview will be to write on a topic from the site that I will give you. If your content meets the requirements and is accepted, you will then start writing on a constant basis. We will discuss other issues after you have applied and met the requirements. Feel free to ask any question you may want to. Apart from essay writers, I am looking for good professional academic writers for:

Academic research
Technical writing
Resume services
As well as:
Experts in Legal issues
Business writing specialists
Finance writers
Experts in Literature
Healthcare specialists
Teachers, Professors.
Essays and Articles

Once you are accepted. I often help to promote my writers. You will become part of my business of NewCodeLogic.
At this site of mine

I will make your profile public to help you get even more work.
Here is an example of how the profile can look like.

Also I offer blog space on another website. As well.

Need someone who is experienced and able to write essays. 

Ranging from 1 to 40 pages. Depending on project. 
1000 to 4000 words depending on project 
Average 1500 to 2000 words 

Be Able to do Citations/references - 
Strong knowledge of APA Format 
MLA format 
Chicago Format of references. 

Strong English reading and Writing. 

Able to do research on topics assigned. 

Able to write title page. 

Follow direction precisely. 

Apply with references and portfolio. 

In application write " I love essay writing" 

You will work per project and fixed price per project. 

Payments are fixed rate. 

Please have Skype or MSN Messenger for communication

For all that apply. I like you to offer me original writing.

New applicants I will get you to do an unpaid trial essay. That I will assign you the essay criteria. You will have to do full references, research and quotes etc for it.
If your successful. I will put you with the business and you get a profile made.
And you get appointed as a member of NewCodeLogic.

You will be on a list of contractors. I will post jobs on the job board provided on the website.

Each project comes with its own contract and terms.

Looking for people who can be available on call for work 24/7.
Have means of communication for up coming jobs and able to take on jobs that are of urgent notice.

State in your application your means and how you can be in contact 24/7 or at least be able to take on urgent jobs as needed.

I need to know your hours of availabilty.