Rails e-commerce site MVP build

Rails e-commerce site MVP build

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


We’re developing an exciting new kind of e-commerce site, and we are looking for someone to help us accelerate the development of our Minimum Viable Product and get us launched as quickly as possible.

Our site requirements are fairly simple:
- about 13-15 public-facing pages, some static, some dynamic (placeholder routes, controllers, and templates have already been set up)
- account login/logout (already implemented)
- a 2-part form used for filtering products
- present product choices (small set, no pagination needed) / add to cart / check out
- one-time credit card payment processing via Balanced Payments API ( www.balancedpayments.com )
- generate unique order identifier code
- collect and record product shipping address
- automatically generated HTML emails on certain events (such as a completed purchase)

More detailed requirements will be provided as a prioritized list of tasks / user stories once a working agreement is established. Milestones based on having certain tasks completed by a certain point in the project will be negotiated.

Our target completion date for this job is one calendar week (7 days) from the date that the contract starts. Bonuses may be available for early milestone or job completion.

The developer hired to complete this job will have primary responsibility for overall code quality during the project duration, including code merging and creation of feature/request/model specs as appropriate.


- Solid written and spoken English communication skills
- Full-stack Rails/HTML/CSS/Javascript abilities. Strong back-end Rails skills are particularly desirable.
- Able to commit 20-40 or more work hours to this project, in order to meet aggressive delivery deadlines
- Able to attend a daily conference meeting (video, voice, or chat) to discuss project status (time is negotiable). For chat, an an initial kickoff meeting by video or voice will be required.
- Immediate communication of risks, issues or changes in estimates to BlitzGift management
- Experience with Kanban, Scrum, Agile, or a similar rapid, task-based, iterative development process
- High scores on oDesk tests for the required technologies
- Automatic timesheet recording with oDesk Work Diary is required.


- MUST mention the job codeword BLITZ-MVP in your application to be considered
- We have given you a high-level description of our requirements; you must give us a high-level explanation of how you would implement.
- Share your initial estimates of:
- how many hours per day you intend to be available for this job
- how many hours total you expect to spend on this job
- Agency applicatints must tell us in advance about all team members who would be involved, in any role


We are a pre-launch B2C e-commerce company building a new site from the ground up using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. We practice Behavior Driven Development using RSpec and Capybara.