WEBGL variables manage by javascript & html (Maya Export)

WEBGL variables manage by javascript & html (Maya Export)


Job Description


I'm looking for an expert developer, Priority to Experience in Autodesk-Maya, high-level-Javascript, OpenGL/WebGL and Python.

My company needs a full time developer that can gives WebGL solutions, available for short time projects, can handle a pressure and especially communicate with us plus care the projects as there were his own.

Our company is specializing in 3D Autodesk-Maya.
We can build scenes in Autodesk-Maya and with the plug-in Inka3d it can be converted to WebGL tech.

The only missing part in the puzzle is a good experience developer that would be able to control and change the converted WebGL scene, attributes and elements.

I attached an output file of a scene, and a PDF of our characterization & explanations.
Please look at the code and requests and send me a message if you are able to handle this job!

Please tell me how much time you think you'll finish the job.


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