Develop Android Application based on iOS version

Develop Android Application based on iOS version


Job Description

I own an app that is already completed for iOS. I want the app developed to run on Android as well. The app must also connect with Facebook and Twitter. The app should have a means for maintaining scores in a Leaderboard. I will provide a copy of the existing iOS app for guidance so that the developer has a working version to essentially see what to duplicate. I want the app to work exactly as it does on iOS to the maximum extent practical.

Requestor will provide the following:
• All Graphics and their variable sizes at the request of the developer.
• All written content to include trivia questions, photos, instructions, disclaimer, and other nonmenclature.
• Testing of App to verify the final product is acceptable.

The contractor will provide:
• All necessary framework, logic, coding and organization for the App to function as close as practical to the iOS version.
• The App should report scores to a centralized Leaderboard like Game Center (if such exists within Android or Google).
• Testing of the final application to include procedures for testing, fuctions to be tested.
• Corrections to any problems that occur or that are discovered during testing.
• A final App acceptable to the requestor ready for release by 01-June-2013.
• An app that is deemed acceptable for sale by Android.
• An App that will function and appear satisfactorily on Android phones and tablets with consideration given to the variety of screen sizes.
• Coding to allow for social media interaction, specifically for Twitter and Facebook.
• A means for updating, adding and deleting the questions and answers contained inside the app.

Non-disclosure agreement will be required.
Excellent English speaking and writing skills a must!

Skills: facebook, graphics, twitter, english