Social Media Manager - Zetabella Publishing

Social Media Manager - Zetabella Publishing


Job Description

Zetabella Publishing and Zeta Comics needs a Social media manager to work across a variety of platforms to produce content and work closely with our authors to promote their work.

In additional, the SMM will be required to find and solicit online book reviewers who are willing to read and post reviews for our books.

This role is roughly 40 hours a month and can be done according to your schedule. Though as a point of contact with the authors we would expected communications responses back to be within 24 hours.

The SMM will also work directly with the publisher to generate a content plan and specific post ideas for each month.

ZETABELLA is an Industry Disrupting Publisher.
We’re here to publish breakthrough talent in fiction, comics, and the digital arts. ZETABELLA is all about publishing creator-owned comic projects and new authors in the growing market of digital and printed books. When it comes to novels and graphic novels, we have an insatiable craving for fiction, science fiction and fantasy stories that are irreverent and unconventional. We accept submissions for both the Mature, Young Adult and Tween markets.

Zeta Comics is an all-ages publisher for both Print and Digital comicbooks. We believe in kids comics and Young Adult Novels for everyone, everywhere and we happily publish our comicbooks and novels for mobile devices, online download and the more sustainable model of print on demand.

Created by Publisher, Robert Simon, to address the lack of science fiction for young girls. See, fairies are great but they’re not cool. Not unless they’re packing molecular disintegrators. Girls need more imaginative, science and engineering based fiction and fun. That’s where Zeta Comics is positioning its stories and characters. We think it’s time for the great legacy of science fiction to focus on a new generation of young readers.