Expert MS Access and VBA Developer Needed with Demonstrable UML experience in MS Visio.

Expert MS Access and VBA Developer Needed with Demonstrable UML experience in MS Visio.


Job Description

Currently there is an application that was built in MS Access using VBA by one developer. Due to the complexity of the application and there only being one developer for this application, we are looking to expand development on this application. Please note that the interview process will be ongoing over the qualified candidates until the final one is selected. There are many projects to be developed in this application that will be scheduled to be delivered over a good period of time once the right person is chosen. To begin, the following will need to be done:

1. UML Diagrams of the existing system using MS Visio. This will likely be a large part of the beginning of this project as there is no documentation currently on the application level of how the application works. This will help you as the developer get familiar with the full system and be able to pick up development once documentation is fully complete to build enhancements as seen in the next step. While the system is vast, you must be able to evaluate the code of the application, understand the data flows where applicable and be able to explain in non technical terms the application flow. A small part of this will be part of the interview process so that you can validate your skill set.

2, Be able to fully read and code in VBA, create queries in Access and make recommendations on existing design that can enhance the overall product.

3. Must be able to take a concept on enhancement of the product and be able to apply it with an estimated time to complete including testing phases, debugging, unit testing and release and document all changes in UML as part of the release notes.

4. Once you have been selected for the role, you will need to sign an additional contract that will conver your terms and conditions in working with us. In addition an NDA confidentiality agreement will need to be signed by you as well.

Currently the budget for this project is undefined but negotiable based on skill level and competition within the market.