Need a simple LAMP hosting system set up on Amazon EC2

Need a simple LAMP hosting system set up on Amazon EC2


Job Description

Need a simple LAMP hosting system set up on Amazon EC2

To build a hosting environment for our software that provides
inexpensive, trackable hosting options to our Ten Minute Pages clients

- The server needs to be provisioned in a way that lets us easily add new domain names via php script.
- The server setup should be easy to duplicate as our company grows

How it should look when complete (completion checklist)...
1. You've built a page with a single submit button saying "Reserve a Folder".
2. If the user clicks that button, a folder is created on the EC2 server that will be used to house their website files (Make sure there's a special 'root' folder designated inside that folder to house their web pages. i.e. public_html)
3. You've built another page that asks the user for their domain name. (Tell the user what name servers to set the domain name to).
4. When the user presses [submit] on that page, associate the provided domain name with the folder created in step 1
5. When the page is publically accessible (e.g. you can type their domain name in the browser & see their files), perform a POST method to a url we specify passing along all the data for the new website (folder name, FTP info, etc.)
5. You've built ANOTHER php script that can be accessed that displays the total number of IP addresses that visited the website based on a date range specified in the querystring.

- The world should be able to view all the contents of their public_html folder by typing their domain name in a web browser
- The site owner should be able to access their folder via FTP

What we'll provide
1. login access to our EC2 account

1. Document showing steps to take to provision additional servers
2. The php script that performs the provisioning of websites
3. The php script that displays the number of unique IP addresses

I've been absolutely clear about what I need..because I need it quickly..So ONLY apply if you can do this job in 5-7 days
Due Date: Friday May 3rd

Skills: apache