Creative web page designers required asap !

Creative web page designers required asap !


Job Description

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for creative designers who can create mockups on the fly.
Let me explain some more.
I have lots of work and I need designers who can deliver me original designs, withina period of 2 days of it being assigned to you.
The normal process would be that I shall send you a creative brief, and based on that you need to create 2 mockups for EACH brief. You need to get back to me with the designs within a period of 48 hours.
Please note the following when applying for this job :

1. When I send the creative brief, I would need 2 mokcups each.

2. These mockups would be in a PSD format

3. Both mockups need to be with me within a period of 48 hours.

4. These PSDs would be my property and you cannot display or use these as part of your Odesk portfolio or anywhere else. You would need to sign an undertaking to this effect and email the scanned copy of this undertaking on a govt. issued Stamp/revenue paper.
I need to have this done as I share a NDA with my clients.

5. All mockups would be custom created by you and should not be copied from anywhere. Again your undertaking to me should include this in the govt. paper which you send to me.

6. All/any images used by you should be purchased by you and their original downloaded version should be sent to me alongwith the PSDs

7. I would just need the PSD intially and will pay for these whether the mockups are approved or not by my clients. You shall be paid in each case.

8. Any violation of the undertaking you give, as far as disclosure is concerned, will be actively pursued by me in a court of law. This is serious business and I cannot afford any confidentiality
agreement be violated in ANY way.

9. If any of your mockup is approved, I may request a tableless HTML of that mockup, for the home page as well a the internal pages. In some cases I may ask you to insert the content too.
Inserting the content would not mean programming the site but simply putting in the text ( sent by the client) on all the pages.

I shall pay seperately for the HTML.

10. You need to let me know how you would send these designs to me.

11. I shall pay promptly on delivery.

12. In the HTML phase I may also request some movement on the mockup for example having sliding images in the main banner, or some other java scipts or jqueries to enhance the webpage design.

Kindly go through each and every point mentioned above in DETAIL.
Please quote ONLY if you understand the seriousness of the undertaking as well as being able to send original work.

PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE if you feel you cannot agree to any of the above points.
I am looking for serious, creative designers and I do not wish to waste your time or mine with answering to designers who are looking for a quick buck and then vanish.

Kindly let me know your price for 2 mockups as per creative brief I send to you. Since I am looking at volumes, I need to keep my budget very low but rest assured I will always pay promptly.

All the best. Please quote with a portfolio of your exisitng work.

Skills: banner, design