Drupal Pro/Ubercart/Recurring Billing/Roles/Subscriptions

Drupal Pro/Ubercart/Recurring Billing/Roles/Subscriptions


Job Description


We are seeking an all around Drupal expert with complete familiarity with Ubercart, recurring billing, subscriptions and roles. We have a membership website and we need someone who is an expert in these areas.

We assume you would have an overall comfort level with Drupal, especially views. You would have to be good with PHP and MySQL also.

Please only reply if you are located in North America. We want someone close to our own time zone in case we wish to get face to face at times.

As for your hourly rate, that is irrelevant to us. We care about your skill level and work output. If you charge $100 per hour, we would expect that you would be four times as productive as someone charging $25 per hour. Make sense?

We would expect a continual slow flow of work, as most of the work would be tweaking an existing site. Maybe 8-10 hours per week, sometimes less, sometimes more.

Not really interested in working with agencies, we prefer to work directly with the programmer who is doing the work on our site.

Skills: billing