Draft database to take inventory of my collection

Draft database to take inventory of my collection


Job Description

Hi all,

I am looking for someone to build a draft online database for my personal collectibles (I already have the domain and hosting sorted out). I also have a draft database design which is around 10-12 tables however I would require your expertise for making it as relevant and complete as possible. The final draft should be something that is flexible enough to:

- Capture an expanding inventory of collectibles over time as the collection grows (eg adding additional countries/subtypes/owners/categories/values)
- Contain forms for entering new and updating existing records (with conditional data entry and subsetting dropdown boxes to speed data entry and reduce errors)
- The ability to upload high resolution images for each unique record as well as display then when browsing the database

Looking further ahead, after I have had some time to test it out and make notes of possibly improvements I will be looking to have it updated (or redeveloped depending on the amount of changes ..

Skills: design, test