ADVICE - Smartphone Crossplatorm App Development

ADVICE - Smartphone Crossplatorm App Development


Job Description

I would like to have a detailed conversation with a dedicated Smartphone App Dev/Nerd/Critic. BID PER HR

I don't need you to build my App.. I would like you to present ALL of the App development options clearly and why different software/coding works.

Take a look at my website and tell me what 'type' off app I need? You will be given further information re: website/vision/contact details once you have met interview standards.

I will need to have a detailed voice phone conversation with you to explain our product.

You will give me advice on platforms, software, examples apps and give me a run down of the Smartphone Application World...

I will communicate primarily via voice only and am avail via: Skype, Gtalk, Telephone.

You should have a brief presentation about The World of Apps.

I will pay per hour of conversation and discussion.