Executive assistant - Perfect English

Executive assistant - Perfect English


Job Description

IMPORTANT - READ carefully until the end, special instructions for candidates.

I am responsible for sponsorships for a new reality TV concept in the fashion industry. Looking for a personal VA who will handle multiple tasks going from:

- handling emails and appointments
- phone prospection
- internet research
- partnership servicing
- note taking and weekly summary reports
- managing schedule and project advancement
- excellent knowledge of social media and all the metrics involved

these are a list of few tasks that will be required and mandatory

ONLY contractor with next to perfect english with NO accent apply for you will waste MY time and your time, the first part of the interview will rule you out anyways.

I need someone who is ORGANIZED, planned and meticulous.

This is a long term position for the first 1-2 month will be between 2-10 hours a week, gradually going towards a full time position.

AGENCIES DO NOT APPLY will not look into your profile

ONLY independents contractors

If you want to apply for this long term position, please write a personal motivation letter of at least 500 words stating why you would be a good candidate and why you would like to work as my executive assistant. Tell me about your expectations, strength etc... GENERIC letters will NOT be taken into account.

steps towards hiring process. IF not all steps are completed, your profile will not be taken into account.

1. Reply with brief message presenting yourself as a person with
" NON GENERIC executive assistant perfect english "

2. Attach the 500 word letter of motivation in PDF format

3. tell me if you are working full time presently, student, what you are doing at the present moment and what would be your expectation if this was a FULL time position.


ALL 3 above must me completed if you would like to be taken into consideration for an interview.

*** Other languages would be a plus!

Skills: research, english, pdf