PHP/Mysql Developer

PHP/Mysql Developer


Job Description

I am looking for someone who can help extend a web-application using HTML5, PHP5, MySQL, wordpress, and Javascript (jQuery). This is a web 2.0 style SaaS app, that is used for CRM in a niche market. The app needs to be mobile friendly, ideally using responsive design.

A minimally viable product has been bootstrapped. Now a good amount of PHP needs to be written to extend the functionality.

I have wire frames and can provide more details when necessary. The basic database structure has been created, so most of this project is focused on building out more PHP forms.

There are also some APIs called to send email, etc. (Mailchimp and mandrill)

I would like to complete the task rather quickly, so am looking for someone with immediate availability.

Expect this application to grow after initial proof of concept and am looking for someone who can help develop it out in the future.

The application must be fast, scalable, and secure. It eventually needs to integrate with 3rd parties for payment processing and other service providers.

Please provide one LIVE project you have built yourself. Also submit some examples of your code.

To mitigate against Spam applications who don't read the entire spec but just apply, please answer the question "What does 2+2 = " in your application. That way I know you've read to the end and we can immediately filter those who haven't.