Calling cards web site

Calling cards web site


Job Description

We have a website,
It's an e-commerce site that sells calling cards.

- We want to re-design site,

- Needs pages to be more "editable" (CMS), editable as much as possible

- When user purchases a calling card they need to have the ability to re-load their minutes when needed through the site.

So the user is purchasing physical cards which will be sent to their address. But when a user needs to refill the calling card with money, there needs to be a way to refill the card with money. Currently, there isn't a way on his site. So I'm thinking that you can purchase additional minutes and the client will send the user a code to enter in on the website and it'll automatically refill the card.

Let me know what the best way to do this and let me know if you have any questions.

Please, start your apply with 'calling card' word.