Android VoIP Application Development

Android VoIP Application Development


Job Description

I need an Android VoIP application with its project file(source code etc.). But the application might be a kind of different from usual VoIP application.

For example;

I have two android mobile phones and both of them have the application. Lets name them phone A and B. And there is non-specified (foreign) phone named C. Now, C calls phone A. A gets the call information, such as phone number and contactor name (if calling number doesn't exist in contacts, app just gets number). Then A rejects C's call and calls phone B automatically(VoIP call). While A is calling B, B should see the C's informations on the screen, such as number & name (it should be seem like C is calling B).

Case 1
If B rejects VoIP call, A should make an automatic call to C and make it listened the voice which is recorded before as default( for example, "I am not available right now"). Default could be changeble by the user.

Also If B is not connected to the internet(A cannot reach to B via internet), default call should be done same as above.

Case 2
If B answers the A's call, B starts talking and application records the voice. Then B finishes talking and ends the call. Application transfers the recorded audio to A. A makes call to C again and now makes C listened the new audio recorded by B.

If there is any impossibility about the application, it's possible to change some methods. But first, I should know what is not possible and again I should request to the new method which can be suitable for the project.
For example, while making call automatically, if making phone C listened is impossible, let me know and I will offer that, " then can you send voice via MMS? ".

If any question about the project, contact me!

Thanks for interests.

Skills: voip, mobile-application-development, android-sdk