Product Research and Reviews for Our Products on Amazon

Product Research and Reviews for Our Products on Amazon


Job Description

You MUST live in North America to apply for this position.

We need a person to recruit and manage 10 women across USA who will advertise on craigslist and local free classifieds in their city for women to test our new products as they are released.

We expect 10 new reviews of the products each week from each person and pay $10 per successful review.

They will need to take a before and after pic of the person and a 30-60 second MP4 video testimonial about the packaging, company and product.

They will receive a free product coupon to purchase the product free if they want it an din return we would like an honest review of 4 stars on Amazon and a seller rating too.

We will also add them to our new product review club where they will be able to have the chance to receive a brand new product on release and we would also like them to provide an honest review on Amazon.

They will need to sign a release form to allow us to use their testimonial in our marketing

You will co-ordinate the team and will be paid bonuses for strong performance

You will need to place ads to recruit the team and also teach them how to place their ads on craigslist etc to deal with the enquiries. They can get reviewers any way they like through friends and family but must be honest.

I can give you a more detailed description when you apply.

You will be dealing with my business partner Julian

Weekly rate is negotiable