Python Developer

Python Developer


Job Description

An Hong Kong based company is looking for a FULL TIME Python Developer contractor to join our virtual team. NO AGENCY. You’ll be working on various web and not-web related backend code and also web, mostly Django projects.

- You can work from anywhere, such as your home. Digital nomads are welcome.

- You define your own schedule

- Programming in Python

- You enjoy challenges

- Ability to learn by yourself new technologies

- Functional english reading and writing (none of us in our team is native english speaker)

- Motivation to work alone in a virtual team

- Feel responsible of what you’re doing

- You don't ask for permission but ask for forgiveness
- Django web development framework

- Git source control management

Bonus points for
- LessCSS
- Bootstrap
- Django CMS
- Django Oscar
- Zinnia
- Django Helpdesk
- Django Sekizai
- Django Compressor
- You never went college, university or you’re country equivalent and had learned
everything by yourself

- You made a pull requests in Github before

- Contributed to an open-source project

- Debian and/or Ubuntu
 is your Desktop
- Shinken monitoring
- Nagios monitoring we only use NRPE from it

- Graphite statistics aggregator and reports

- Nginx web server

- uWSGI app server

- Graylog2 logging server

- MongoDB NoSQL database

- PostgreSQL database

- Elasticsearch NoSQL database

- RabbitMQ messaging bus

- Sentry errors reporting

- Memcache
- Amazon web services

- OpenLDAP LDAP server

- Postfix mail server

- OpenVPN VPN server

If you’re interested, tell us about yourself. Tell about your condition, requirements and monetary expectation. No curriculum vitae please.

Skills: english, amazon