Mobile Land Surveyor App

Mobile Land Surveyor App


Job Description

I'm in need of an app for Android and iPhone that will allow the user to:

1) use gps to move about a piece of property and mark boundary corners.
2) draw a line between the points
3) overlay the drawing (lines) on a google map with cjhoice of map layers to display
4) calculate the area within the lines
5) when done marking points, user has three choices
a) save the drawing as image
b) submit (email) the drawing to me for an estimate on a land survey
c) submit (email) the drawing to me to and place an order for a survey
User options would include, which google layer to display, empirical or metric units and option to re open old drawings and re submit to me

Skills: gps, drawing, android-development, iphone-development, google-maps