Presentation Tablet App - Corona SDK Only

Presentation Tablet App - Corona SDK Only


Job Description

We are looking for an tablet (iPad, Android) Sales Presentation app to be built by a talented programmer USING THE CORONA SDK platform ONLY.

This app will be used as a sales tool for a water systems company. The app will have a login screen with 1 or 2 profiles hard-coded into the app. It will NOT need a webservice to look up login information. If the user inputs match hard-coded text strings, it logs the user in, and saves the login state so that they don't have to relog in every time they use the app.

The main home screen will have 4 tiles (buttons) that lead to various sections of the app and a menu icon in the corner with three options.

Tile 1 will be roughly 30-slide presentation with pictures, text and buttons. Some of the buttons should lead to other parts of the app. See "Learn About Water.png" for greater detail. Note, the picture is for the Android version, but this app should be built to match the iOS style, like the PDF depicts. We will modify the graphics to look more like it's own theme instead of strictly iOS or Android.

Tile 2 will lead to a Dropbox-like page with a list of items. The items will be various calculators (simple forms and calculations), or a list of pdf documents. If a list of PDFs is selected, the list of PDFs will display on the right side of the screen in a web view. The PDFs will be stored locally, and not be retreieved from the web.

Tile 3 will contain a list of categories. Each category will contain a list of different types of water systems. Once a water system is chosen the right-side of the page will contain pictures and product information. (see "Catalog / Product Information.png".) The data on this page is email-able by an icon on the navigation bar, so the user can email this data to a recipient.

Tile 4 contains a form with some rating bars. The information will be used to query all of the water systems and only display the relevant symptoms. Then, when the user clicks on one, it will display the product information as described in section 3. This is another way to access the product pages that are accessible by the 3rd Tile.

All app data (pictures, text, pdfs, etc) will be included in the app and will not need any webservice.

- full source code delivered at the conclusion of the project.
- development work shall be done in a shared Dropbox folder, so that I can run the app through Corona simulator.
- Temporary placeholder data will be provided until the final data becomes available.
- We request frequent communication to keep us up to date.
- The content must display well on both iPads, and Android tablets, with Android tablets ranging from 7" to 10" and varying resolutions.
- use the Corona SDK Storyboard library for a class-like structure to the code. One main.lua file would be way to complicated for this project.

Skills: pdf, ipad, graphics

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