Small store design

Small store design


Job Description

I am looking for a detailed but somewhat simple drawing of a store. Pizza and doner kebabs (and french fries) are the main foods. The power point picture displays the general idea of the outlook of the store. Other pictures of a similar store layout can be provided for reference. Outlook should be colorful.
The visible dimensions of the store should be approx
3,5 meter width
2,5 meter in hight
3,5 meter depth

There should be a small opening (entrance) from left wall to where the counter starts. The part of the counter where the cash register is should be solid displaying a logo (use the kebab logo) and possibly menu. The last part of the counter should have a see through glass display of pizza available. The bottom part of it could also be solid.
Back / side:
On the right side (looking from the front) there should be two kebab machines with meat on the spears. The back counter should have a working station with salads, pita bread and dressings, and also a space for pizza oven.
There should be 4 large displays with products or deals. These could be existing pictures of pizza slices and kebabs, it is not essential that the food pictures are that detailed.

Skills: layout-design

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