JOOMLA booking/reservations module for sailing charter business

JOOMLA booking/reservations module for sailing charter business


Job Description

Experienced Joomla developer needed immediately to design a complete, elegant, intuitive turnkey “close the sale” back-end booking/reservations module for start-up sailing charter business (think floating luxury B&B).

Module MUST be seamlessly integrated into high-end look and feel of existing main pages (already in Joomla), keeping consumer engaged through to completion of booking and payment. Booking module features list of charters available, leading customer through intelligently crafted choices so s/he can make booking selections with confidence.

Module must integrate with all standard ecommerce on all web and mobile platforms for credit cards, PayPal, etc., and collect all standard customer information. Booking and reservations module will include pop-up calendar module to assist customer with date selection of date/date ranges. Module will generate standard confirmation of reservation.

In addition, developer will fine-tune and health-check existing webpages to make minor corrections – e.g. ensuring images/text load correctly, making needed corrections in spelling, grammar and aesthetics. Developer to conduct thorough code check on existing pages (approximately 10-12 pages) to ensure site will load/run on all browser platforms, mobile apps, smartphones, tablets, etc., and not "break".

Developer will have experience building reservations/booking modules for similar client (e.g. luxury lifestyle brand, hotel, high-end B&B) and share portfolio of other similar jobs showing completion and robust functionality. Developer must speak/write/understand excellent English and be available to work with client in Pacific Standard Time.

Imperative that you appreciate the aesthetics of a web experience and can be more than just a "widget" builder in this project. I want someone who really cares about my business succeeding, is confident, can walk me through the logic of how the module will work. It's important that you think in sequential detail about the user experience and make the booking a pleasure for our customers, keeping our prospects happy right to the very end of the process. Potential for on-going projects significant.

Budget: $400 Projected completion date: October 31, 2013