Improve & Expand on Wordpress Site

Improve & Expand on Wordpress Site


Job Description

I've got a wordpress website that I would like to improve significantly. Currently, we offer assistance to college students for getting full-time job offers in a specified industry. We currently have a lot of articles on the subject and are bringing in good traffic. We also review resumes, conduct mock interviews, sell an ebook of successful industry resumes, and sell customized contact lists of alumni (from the student's current college) along with contact information.

I would like to automate the site as much as possible (set it up to accept paypal / credit cards, allow automatic download of the ebook after paying, allow automatic uploads of the resume, etc). I'd also like to do whatever possible to increase the conversion rates (to sales) and improve the branding / overall look of the site (as well as the 'flow' between the content and the services). This may involve changing the wordpress template / plugins around as well.

I would like to begin offering a newsletter, that visitors could sign up for, and we will add their info into our CRM system (Zoha). This could be as simple as integrating the CRM with an email queue plugin from wordpress.

There are two established sites that largely do what we hope to - they can be used as inspiration / templates for our site, in addition the the pre-existing infrastructure.

Skills: paypal