Expert WordPress Developer Needed

Expert WordPress Developer Needed


Job Description

We are in the process of a site revamp and want to move our entire site into wordpress and are in the process of shortlisting wordpress theme designers and wordpress developers who can implement custom themes from psd/html files and who have implemented WordPress sites in the B2B (Business to Business) space. If you do not have B2B experience but are confident of your WordPress Ninjahood feel free to bid. At this moment we are not looking for a price from you but please provide your best guesstimate as to how much it will cost in your bid. You can ignore the estimated budget as we are willing to pay more if needed. You can bid for providing theme design services only or for the entire project.

Please read through the entire job post and answer the questions at the end. All bids that do not answer the questions will be rejected outright. All bids that do respond in the prescribed format will be individually responded to even if we do not select you. You will have an opportunity to make a stronger pitch in case we were mistaken.

Currently only the blog is in WP. There are about a 100 pages of static content (html/php) that also needs to be migrated to wordpress.

We will provide wireframes for the different types of pages we need. Theme Designers note: The theme has to be modern but extremely light weight. Take a look at the landing pages templates on to get an idea of the kind of designs we like. We'd like most of the graphical elements in css if possible. We'd like to include other best practices also. Like: good typography, optimal balance of white space, etc.

We also want to integrate blog categories into pages created by other plugins. We will be using an ecommerce plugin to publish our product catalog and want to add relevant content from the blog to different product pages.

The developer is free to suggest alternates or even provide a quote for a custom plugin. The chosen developer will also need to make sure that all the plugins work seamlessly with each other and does not break with WordPress Core. i.e. during WP upgrades nothing breaks. If that is not feasible the developer should propose an alternate solution or a mitigation strategy that addresses this issue. Two plugins that MUST work without fail are WordPress SEO and Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost. Please look it up if you do not know about these plugins.

The developer will also be responsible for ensuring that the site runs FAST. This is very very very important to us. We would like a response window of 2 seconds for even the heaviest of pages. You should give us strategies to minimize the load on the page. We are willing to adjust the design to meet the speed requirement.

The developer will also be responsible content migration from the existing blog and the static pages. The developer should fix any issues that crop up during the migration process. If a fixed price is not possible for this task please quote an hourly rate.

Please answer the following questions without fail to be considered. All bids that do not answer these questions will be rejected outright.

a. How many years of wordpress experience do you have? And how many wordpress projects have you done till date? If you are an agency cite the number of years of your most experienced developer.

b. Do you provide them design services? If yes please provide a link to your portfolio. If no. please answer "b. No we do not provide design services."

c. Have you worked for B2B clients? If yes please provide links to your B2B clients websites. Please ensure that the portfolio links you provide are to live working sites. If no please answer "c. We do not have B2B clients in our portfolio."

d. We want to work on a fixed price basis. Are you comfortable with this arrangement? We will provide more details and you can provide us with your fixed price bid. If yes, please answer "d. Yes we can work on fixed price basis." If no, please answer "d. No for this kind of work we cannot quote fixed price. We can give you an estimate of the hours and an hourly rate".

e. Please explain your most complex wordpress project till date and the eventual outcome. Please provide a link to the site. The site should be live and working.

f. Please provide one customer reference. Phone number or email. Your customer should be willing to talk to us and give feedback on your work.

g. Do you have any questions or require clarifications? Do you want to add any clauses to our above approach? Please list them if yes under "g". If you have no questions please answer "g. No questions."

Thanks for taking the time to read through to the end. We are looking to build a long term relationship with an experienced developer and we want to be careful in choosing the right one. Please expect an answer within two weeks.

Best of luck!

Skills: design