Video Editing and Creation (possible VA position)

Video Editing and Creation (possible VA position)


Job Description

This is a POTENTIAL PROJECT...we are not 100% certain if we are going to move forward with it yet or not. We just want to see what type of bids/etc we get and what people can do and THEN make our decision!

Anyways...we have a number of clips from various events we do (we are a horse drawn carriage company) and up until this point I've uploaded the clips individually onto youtube and just put an overlay of our logo and website onto the videos along with some music. Some of these clips range from 10 seconds to maybe 2 minutes (most are under 1 minute). Our Youtube channel link is

However I think going forward we'd like to combine all the (short) clips from each event into 1-2 videos (depending on length/etc) and put some type of transitions between them and some screens with text (company info, clip info, a "call to action", etc) and of course music to go along with it. Basically make them into longer videos and fancy them up some and so on (more professional).

I recently through together a quick and basic sample of what I'm talking about above here is the link:

I'm just trying to see what others have done or can do and for how much to see if this would be worth outsourcing or me doing them and keeping them more basic (within my skills/etc). I have a number of these that need done now
(I haven't had the chance to count and see how many overall vids there would be there could be 20-40 different ones that need pieced together/etc) and will have many more throughout the year (after each event usually).

There are some videos (some older ones) that are lower quality, but from the last couple months they are all 1080p HD format. I generally have used Windows Movie Maker and Pinnacle Studio (14).


Please bid your cost to make ONE simple i said I do not know how many there will be/ please bid cost for MAKING ONE VIDEO
(you can bid under my budget if allowed). This should be simple work and only take minutes per video (once a template of sorts is established). Later things may change if I get the chance to count/etc how many videos we could be talking!

Also you MUST post examples of previous works! Thank you!

I hope/think that covers everything!

Skills: youtube, outsourcing