Magento Developer

Magento Developer


Job Description

In This Position You Will
• Customize and style the Magento front end
• Research, install, and configure various Magento Extensions
• Import and export eCommerce data (customer data, order data, product data, reviews, 
from one Magento installation to another, or from a custom cart to Magento.
• Automated Product Upload Data Script via cron job
• Build a Magento site from an approved design to a functional storefront
• Extend Magento functionality through custom programming
• Customize every portion of Magento to meet client requirements
• Configure Magento extension and develop it as needed
• Familiar with or experience with CRM
• Configure basic and advanced Magento settings
• Actively learn and develop yours kills
• Apply revisions and updates
• Responsible for maintaining a development environment
• Install and configure Magento on a development environment
• Browser test for all major browsers
• Upgrade Magento installations to newer versions

Position Requirements
• Previous experience working as a PHP developer for a minimum of 3 years
• A degree from a 4-year university in programming, computer science, IT or a similar

academic program
• A foundation of knowledge and understanding of the following: PHP, MYSQL, LAMP 
XHTML, HTML, Javascript, JQuery
• A strong understanding of OOP programming, browser compatibility, SEO practices,
And version control
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Strong problem-solving ability
• A strong desire to work in a small business in a start up capacity
• Strong self-management practices with meticulous attention to detail
• The ability to manage multiple projects with strict deadlines
• Committed to personal and professional growth
• A level head under pressure
• Proficiency on Adobe 
 (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks etc.)

Skills: research, import, design, test, science